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Conditional Admission Program

If you are an excellent student and wish to apply to a degree program at Virginia Tech but need to improve your English skills in order to obtain the necessary English language proficiency test score, don’t worry — you may be eligible for conditional admission!

Our conditional admission program lets international student work toward meeting the ­requirements of attending Virginia Tech while stuyding at the ­Language and Culture Institute.

Acceptance into the program is based on an evaluation of your high school­ records. As a conditionally admitted student, you are accepted into your­ chosen program on the condition that you develop your academic English to the required standard through our Intensive English Program.

Benefits of conditional admission

  • Through the Intensive English ­Program, you will develop many of the skills necessary for success at Virginia Tech, including research, critical thinking, and academic writing skills.
  • Because the conditional admissions program allows you to start your studies at the LCI, you will have time to adjust to life in the United States.
  • Challenges such as homesickness and culture shock can be dealt with before you begin your regular university coursework.
  •  You will have more time to explore the university and its course offerings.
  •  At the LCI, you will be in a comfortable, supportive environment, ­surrounded by faculty and advisors who have vast experience helping ­inter­national students.