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Student Handbook

For more than 45 years, instructors and staff members at the Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute (LCI) have worked hard to create and deliver educational and training programs of the highest caliber.  We aim to provide a pleasant and productive learning experience for all who enroll in our courses of study. 

Participants in all LCI programs are considered LCI students and students of Virginia Tech with respect to academic policies, rules and regulations. 

In addition to rules set out in this handbook, all LCI students are responsible for knowing and following all university policies, rules, and regulations as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, the Housing & Residence Life Policies, and their respective Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog.

The university reserves the right to change these regulations during the academic year and notice is hereby given of that possibility. The most current versions of these publications are available on-line: 

 Students are also expected to respect and observe the guidelines set out in the Virginia Tech Principles of Community.