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Tuition and Fees

Semester Program Fees

Tuition and fee rates for university preparation programs — including AdvantageVT, AdvantageVT-Master’s, Pre-AdvantageVT Intensive English, and English Essentials — appear on the following rate sheet. Fees payable with tuition allow access to services such as intramural sports, local bus transportation, campus internet, the library, athletic ticket pools, and more.

Academic Year 2023-24 Tuition and Fees (PDF)

Estimates for other expenses such as accommodations and meals, insurance, books, and supplies are provided for planning purposes.

Application fees for all programs of study are nonrefundable.

Immigration notes

International students who will be entering Virginia Tech as F‑1 visa holders must show evidence of sufficient funds for their first year of study at our university before the required I‑20 immigration form can be issued by the university. The I‑20 will be needed for the F‑1 student visa interview.

Although U.S. Immigration Service regulations permit F‑1 and J‑1 student visa holders to work on campus, employment opportunities on campus are extremely limited. F-1 and J-1 visa holders are not allowed to work off campus without work authorization.

International students holding other visa statuses should be aware that visa regulations are substantially different for each type of visa. if you have a question regarding the regulations for your visa status, please contact the Language and Culture Institute at

Included credits

AdvantageVT includes 6 credits in the first semester of credit instruction and 6 credits in the second semester of credit instruction. 

AdvantageVT-Master’s includes 3 credits in the first semester of credit instruction and 6 credits in the second semester of credit instruction. 

Credits taken in addition to those included in the program price are charged at the university’s prevailing rate

In their first semester of credit studies, students in the AdvantageVT-Master's program may be permitted to take an additional credit course at their own expense with departmental consent. 

Mandatory fees

Allows access to expanded services, including intramural sports, bus service, library services, athletic ticket pools, and more. A description of fees is available on the Bursar’s Office website.

Miscellaneous charges

In addition to the tuition and fees described above, various departmental, course, and lab fees may be assessed depending on the course(s) in which you are enrolled. These fees are used to support extraordinary course-specific costs (e.g., laboratory materials or equipment, course materials retained by you, etc.). Refunds of fees are subject to the university’s published policies and procedures.

Refund policy

The Language and Culture Institute’s refund policy appears in the Fees and Billing section of the Student Handbook. Refunds for credit courses taken as part of any program are subject to the university’s refund policy for resignations and reduced course loads.

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