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Virginia Tech's Global Perspective

Our role is to make education and research portable, so that our students and faculty can work and learn anywhere in the world. Your role in how Virginia Tech engages the world awaits. Claim it.

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Greetings from the Hokie Nation!

Virginia Tech is a dynamic and inclusive community that consists of students, scholars, faculty, staff, visitors, and neighbors from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. We recognize and value the diversity that is present within the Hokie Nation. We practice the Principles of Community as we appreciate differences and embrace the complexities of living in a multicultural, global society.

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360° tour 

Get a quick 360° tour of Torgersen Bridge, Cowgill Plaza, and Eggleston Hall at Virginia Tech.

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Hands-on, Minds-on

Showcasing the spirit of Virginia Tech.
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Residence Life

Home away from home for over 9,000 student residents.

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Get Ready: Lunch Pail

Virginia Tech's “lunch pail” mentality.

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University Libraries

See all that Virginia Tech's libraries have to offer.

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Campus Dining

Learn about our award-winning dining.

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Campus tour

Take a drive around our Blacksburg campus.

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